From Modern and Contemporary Art to Education and Knowledge




I t feels like it is yesterday as I was a kid and dream about having my own planet where I’m walking through a world made of art, from painting sculpture and music experience.

I realize in the early nineties that there is more in life then going to school getting an education, work for a company while seeing myself getting older and then dying as I was never been here. I wanted to create something that Humanity will remember even after my physical me is going back to earth.

I recognize that there are 2 sort of people the one who consume and those who create. I saw a difference between the physical world on which we’re all sharing our life experience and the Fantasy path of art and creation which seems to be a connection to our inner self. the very notion of defining art became a personal quest for me.


As far as I can remember I never whish to be rich or even famous, growing up in a modest family I understood that real richness is more the ability of feeling free through imagination and fantasy by exploring the infinity in our mind.



T his is exactly this kind of richness I expressed in my drawings and music which lead me to a deep understanding of human suffering over the years. Across my life experience I began to speak to people on a philosophic way and realize that I got the power to help people to lead their anxiety in love.


In 2012 I began to work on expanding my offer by combining the three major activity which define myself.


Mainly focusing on helping each other less than promoting my own work.

I have built the alternative media website “op-v” for knowledge, The Art-sharing website “DirtySwan” to help promoting independent artists and the “Street-Lady” website to encourage strong women to use their power of love to make this world a better place to live.
From art, philosophy/education to gaining the knowledge of how to get independent I came to an idea quite my job and start focusing on the realization of it.

Started from scratch I worked on a way to interact with the world using modern tools which leads me to program the virtual universe now called “my-redWeb”.

T he shift over the years which place mostly the human focus on aesthetic beauty, virtual reality and artificial intelligence isn’t in my beliefs a problem if we do not fully disconnect our ancestral being from those modern arts of living. I truly believe there is a misunderstanding between replacing humanity with technology and using technology as a tool to enhance our human possibility.


I don’t speak about transhumanism as I don’t speak about feminism when I present my “Street-Lady” project. By enhancing human possibility through technology I’m not talking about replacing organs with mechanical parts but for example, in the past, an independent musician had no way to make a carrier without a major label who promote him.

Nowadays with enough knowledge every musician is able to share his music with the rest of the world and to become an inspiration for someone living on the other side of this planet.

I was very exited to use this opportunity to share my art, my knowledge and my philosophy around the world so I spend a lot of time learning and begin to program this internet platform I called “my-redWeb” which contain several website dedicated to the different Arts-universe and ideas dancing in my head such as the services I offer.   The biggest challenge was to find a way out how to spread all of it for free because as soon as an offer becomes chargeable it also becomes a privilege. I am always trying to see each entity as a reflexion from his entourage, and due to the internet network, our entourage is growing way faster than in the past. Some call it the butterfly effect, what we do daily do mostly affect someone somewhere else on earth which means, I can build up a company and certainly make a lot of profit with knowledge and a good idea but to make this world a better world we all need to share our knowledge without privilege, being respectful of our environment and share similar positive thoughts.

The red line between the way I want to act and the fact that we need to make money to support our needs still hard to cross.


But finally by diving myself more and more into the several possibility which offer the modern world to us, I may have find a way to combine everything together and bring it all under one sort of a big versatile universe.






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