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Welcome in our VIP RedRooM

Here you will find all information about the RED Community - this content is strictly reserved for Admins !



Here you will find all information about our Red platform and how to use all the tools for creation and modification.


First you need to understand how it works, for all our platform we have 3 different views with different acces areas.

  • The first view is the common one witch appears to all user witch are not connected, it require no secure connection ( you recognise you are secure if the website adress start with https:// and the secure logo appears in your brownser) and works as an standalone application. 
    for exemple the secure website for R-BEAT is , but the common view for an not connected user is
  • The second view is the one for all connected user, this one require a secure connection passing trought the application. This view give you access to many option sutch as creating a new thread in our community, writing messages to the other redweb users, creating music playlist or buying clothes digital music and all other thing we offer on our different platform. The connection properties are set in a way that you stay log in untill you do not log yourself out by clicking on the logout button even if you close youclose your web browser. To achiev this the application save your session identification as a coockie in your related temp folder. Deleating your cookies will automaticly log you off.
  • The third view is the one whitch we use as administrator, it require the same condition as the second view for common loged in users but as long as your account got administrator rights you got access to a so called backend application and to all VIP links, those you recognize in the website adress bar looking like this : . You are also the only members whitch can see what is in the VIP ROOM of our community, so please use this section to repport buggs or communicate whith your admin partners.

Now that you understand how the RED application works let us go trought all of this step by step.



The Logos explain

The full Sitemap

The VIP Pass

Manage your pages

Best practice for Upload, Update or manage content


The LOGOS explain

     go to the login page.

     log you out.

     Access to our community.

     Access to your personal data and content and message box.

     If you see this Icon on the top right corner of one page, this mean you have the required rights to manage its content.



The full SITEMAP



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