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Artists Promotion & collaboration

We are searching for unsigned artists who try to make their money independently from Major labels.



Enter the RED Family today


We are searching for unsigned artists who try to make their money independently from Major labels.

What we can offer 

A responsive website which content can be easily edited by yourselves without any knowledge in websites programming and, even with a simple smartphone. We offer you the opportunity to show your work to your fans in a professional way, by displaying a responsive mp3 player embedding youtube videos and having your own blog/community attach to your new website. We do also make it possible to sell your digital music directly to your fans without getting through a 3rd Party organisation excepted passing through us which never gonna ask you to pay taxes, in other words, what you sell is 100% yours.


We are working with great Beatmakers and sound engineer, which allow us to help you get the best sound to bring your production up to the next Level.


We got a team which counting around 20 people who will make weekly a lot of publicity on the most common social network like Facebook Twitter Google and so on ... That means being a member of our Red Family will help you to rich more people and will let growing continually your fanbase.



We can offer you all that for free !!  ( Remember we start massive publicity the 1st January 2018 ... we still in the development state running a beta version for testing purpose.)

, of course, we have some condition, we will help you to reorganize your social network in a more professional way. Most artists begin to improve their interaction with their content when they start cleaning miss configuration on their social pages. We ain't have a lot of condition and won't ask you to pay us taxes but we keep the rights to delete your page and stop our collaboration if you don't use your new web page as your main promotion tool and if you do not upload good quality content, as mention we have Beatmakers and sound engineers in our team which can help you to finalize your recording session.

We do know that it's sound bizarre who in the world will offer all that for free !!! Well, I invite you to write us an email at, to register yourself on our community and send us an "Admin Request" or get in contact with us over our Facebook Fan page to get more information. 

In a few Word, why should we do all that for free ??

As we all know nowadays even Major Labels earn the most of their money through publicity in the virtual word. 



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