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The Red-Game is an international network where common people can share their ideologies. We are trying to interact more with the nobodies who got interesting ideas to share with the world. We call it Red-Game because we want to focus on the youth who are our future, we believe that we need to spend more time on the Kids education while the system we are living in is mostly focusing on entertaining and distracting our children. We truly believe that education can be as much pleasure as video games and is necessary to build a better world for our all Future. We as the my-redWeb founder knows that it’s a kind of mission impossible because we are only 3 people managing all of it, but we hope to arouse your interest on helping us by being a part of our Red-Game project.

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Instrumental music | every week 1 new free Instrumental.

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We are running our BETA version, Thank you for visiting us !!

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An Alternative media for a better World


Redpiix more then Photos

Discover a few Video on the 06RZ youtube chanel

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We want you to debate

Come and feel free to debate about various spiritual subject

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Ideology, and the New Sociology

Come and feel free to debate about various philosophal subject

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Artists Promotion & collaboration

We are searching for unsigned artists who try to make their money independently from Major labels.

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Listen to that crazy Beat

New Crazy TRAP Instrumental by snakobeatz

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QUE - OG BOBBY JOHNSON ( remix by snako beatz )

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Knight's Table - Street Orphan Interview (Episode 1)

Revival Radio host The Brain Cell interviews UK based rapper STREET ORPHAN.

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Listen to Street Orphan's mixtape preview | Release Saturday 9th Sept 2017 at 6PM | LIGHT OF KNOWLEDGE

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Discover new Music, New Artists and many more cool tunes !!! be a part of our community !

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We are the red Family, activism, artists, we fight for freedom of speach. Our webplatform are in the development state, we glad you make it till here !!


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