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Jacques Ruas - Founder


Jacques Ruas is the founder of the entire my-redWeb universe. As a kid Jacques was fascinated by music and drawings, he uses to learn oil Painting, Piano, guitar and drums. As a teenager he starts writing poesy and songs about his feelings, life and things he saw in his childhood. In the late nineties He combine everything and became an Activist fighting against social injustice, thanx to the new technology he starts composing instrumental music with some of the first DAWs like Magix and Cubase. Jacques put his Instrument knowledge as well as his poesy and activism in his music composition and create in 1998 his first rap songs. Musically inspired by Rock like Metallica, Korn, Slipknot, Marylin Manson and lyrically inspired by Hip-hop Artists like Nas, Tupac, Wu tang Clan and Eminem.


Soon he realizes that he needs to enhance his knowledge, in 2001 in went to Germany and decided to get back to school to get an education in Computer systems. In the city of Duisburg in west Germany he learned programming which leads him to hacking and website creation. But it was also in Duisburg where he discovers turntablism inspired by DJ Q-bert.


For one decade he spends time increase his knowledge in drawing, painting, computer hard- and soft-ware, website programming, handling of different DAWs like Cubase Fruity loops and Reason, Photographs, video shoots and cutting, marketing strategies, global economy, philosophy and learned how to build a Recording Studio on a professional way. 2012 Jacques began to work on the my-redWeb idea combining all his knowledge in one giant community.


It was a long way more than two decade life experience and a lot of love for what he’s been doing over the years to make the my-redWeb universe more than just a dream.

Maike Vollmer - Co-Founder


Maike Vollmer co-founder of the entire my-redWeb universe. Her entire life is shaped by various artistic aspects and people who brought her art in any form. Her father, who is an avid painter and artist, sparked her interest in drawing, while her mother sparked her interest in the written word by running her own little newspaper for which Maike wrote articles in her early youth. Her uncle, a gifted guitarist and pianist, aroused her interest in music in her childhood. When she was 14, she started to start various musical projects together with her brother, which made her interest in music even bigger.


At the end of 2016, she came in contact with Jacques and got her first impressions of the my-redWeb universe. So fascinated by the project and the idea for artists of all sorts to create etas, she began learning the programming of websites and worked intensively with various programs to increase her knowledge and to be able to help more effectively in the my-redWeb project to bring into the world.


Patrick Gramm - Co-Founder

Patrick Gramm
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